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 Convent of the Entry of the Most Holy Virgin into the Temple
City of Ivanovo, Russia

Aerial view of the Convent

Founded March 14/27, 1991 by Archimandrite Ambrose (Yurassov)

Over 200 residents, 6 churches, 5 rural detachments

Holy relics of the Russian New Martyrs Bishop Basil of Kineshma and Blessed Alexis of Elnaty reside in the convent church

Sample Convent choir recordings

Convent of the Entry of the Most Holy Virgin into the Temple (Sviato-Vvedensky monastyr) is located in downtown area of Ivanovo, a province center about 300 km east of Moscow. Unlike most Russian monasteries and convents re-opened in recent years, it has been founded anew and in just over a decade has seen spectacular growth and expansion.

View of the Convent from the street The church of the Entry of the Most Holy Virgin into the Temple was built early in the XX cnt. on the property donated by Count Sheremetev, paid for by the donations of local residents. In addition to the main Altar it had two side Altars dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and Martyr Theodore Teron. In 1918 Patriarch St. Tikhon of Moscow held service here. Under the Communist rule it was later closed and used as a storage for the archives of the local Communist Party chapter.

In 1988 an agreement was reached to return the church to the community of Orthodox believers. It took, however, a 17-day hunger strike of four faithful women (L. Kholina, M. Pelenkova, V. Savchenko and G. Yaschukovskaia) in March of 1989 for the authorities to make good on their promise. A parish was born with just a handful of members, which was soon converted into a convent. Today there are over 200 residents in the convent and its rurral detachments.

Thanks to the efforts and care of the nuns, parishioners and benefactors, the church has been fully restored from its former miserable condition. A number of Convent buildings erected around it with the new belfry make together an inspiring view: today the Convent is among the most beautiful localities in the city of Ivanovo. See a larger photo of the convent.

Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord The first rural detachment of the convent was established back in 1991 around the delapidated church of the Transfiguration of the Lord in the village of Doronino which has been fully reclaimed and re-concecrated (left). Another detachment is the church of the Prophet Elias in Gavrilov Possad (below) which is presently under restoration.

There are other detachments established on agricultural lands where nuns are engaged in farming; extensive construction work is under way everywhere.
Church of the Prophet Elias

Clergy and nuns of the Convent are heavily involved in education and missionary work in public schools of the province, in foster homes, correctional centers, jails and prisons. They work on Radonezh Orthodox Radio, publish religious books and a periodical Word of Comfort, produce video and audio materials and conduct extensive correspondence.

The founder of the Convent, Fr. Archimandrite Ambrose (Yurassov) has been well known for many years in Russia and abroad as a pastor, preacher and author of a number of important Orthodox books.

 The Convent has been blessed with the holy relics of two New Russian Martyrs of the Communist Era. One of them is St. Basil, Bishop of Kineshma (see his iconographic portrait below), where he actually served only two years, suffering countless persecutions and tribulations at the hands of Communist authorities. His last assignment was to the see of Ivanovo, but he could not take it: having lost his health in jails, prison camps and banishment, he died on August 13 (n.s.), 1945. See liturgical prayers to St. Basil and his photographs.

St. Basil of Kineshma The other one is Blessed Alexis of Elnaty, not far from Ivanovo, who lived as a Fool-for-Christ. Arrested in 1937, he was tortured by fire and killed. 50 years later his relics were uncovered incorrupt except his charred feet.

Another encouraging sign of Lord's grace was the miracle of myrrh-streaming that was first manifest in December of 1998. By the year 2000 there were numerous icons in the Convent which shed myrrh, reassuring the faithful that God is indeed with us.

You are welcome to visit our convent: we have a comfortable guest house and all conditions to accomodate pilgrims coming individually or by groups.

The convent is located in downtown area of Ivanovo, a few blocks from the r/r station. Trains for Ivanovo leave nightly from Moscow Jaroslavsky r/r sta., arriving early in the morning. Our mailing address is Bazisnaia 23, Ivanovo 153005 Russia. Phone (0932) 37-43-91. Send us email at IvanovoConvent (at) rambler (dot) ru

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